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A tour of sustainable buildings in Tokyo 8th August, 9:30~13:00

1. Shibuya Stream

SHIBUYA STREAM is one of the major re-development projects around Shibuya station. One of main features of this project is that it involves the regeneration of a small canal. In the modernization, the canal that has become the back of the city was regenerated as a promenade in this project. The architect of this project was Coelacanth and Associates, Professor Kazuhiro KOJIMA and Professor Kazuko AKAMATSU.

2. YKK 80

YKK 80 is the headquarter buildings of YKK Corporation and YKK AP Inc. YKK is a global company of a fastening and architectural products. This building was designed by NIKKEN SEKKEI, one of the best global design firm in Japan. This building has won numerous awards of sustainable design, such as First Place Winner of ASHRAE Technology Awards, Sustainable Building Award and so on.

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